Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of
By. Dominik

“It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home!” A home is where you can make awesome memories! Sometimes people say that a house is no different than a home, but they are totally different.
When I moved into a different kind of house, I was sad but after a while it was good to be in my house and we made so many memories. If the people that bought the house let me in again then I would see the house the same. Only the furniture different. I’m happy for the people that bought my house, but they did not buy my family so I’m happy with my family and happy were all together. A person can never break family.
A house is somewhere you don’t care about that much, but a home is more important. So love your family and be grateful that you have a family. My home is great let me tell you about it. My mom is awesome because when I have nightmares my mom snuggles up with me and gets all my nightmares away. But anyways when you have your Family with you and you lose your house it’s better to be with your family. Nothing is more important than family.
Home is not a place, Home is the people closest to you.