Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

Home is somewhere safe and secure and filled with love ,joy and happiness too. Even if you move into a new house it is still home if you have love ,family and memories with you. You may miss your old friends and others too but you can always make new ones too.

Once you move into a new home you may feel different and sad. But once you get settled and so, you might even forget you moved. You may make some enemies but don’t forget you made friends too. You friend will make sure your safe and sound. Don’t forget when you were born you moved into a new home too. But you don’t notice it’s a new world. You survived that so you should be fine.

Monsters may be scary but in your home you are safe. Home is where you be yourself and no one will laugh at you. Be weird and crazy and shake your butt and sing weird songs but still no one will laugh at you. If your cold your family will hug and snuggle you until you sweat.

Everybody has feelings either if you are happy, sad, mad, crazy, angry , excited, shy or embarrassed you are always yourself and everybody likes you best when you’re yourself. Now always remember to be yourself and remember that you are always safe and ……….everything else in this poem. And always remember family and friends first.