Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning Of Home.(Essay)
Many people have different ways of picturing home. They might think it’s a mansion, or maybe just a house. However, that isn’t too important. I’m here to write about what I think the meaning of home is.
What I think the meaning of home is having a place where you can feel safe and secure. Safe/secure when alone, safe/secure when feeling scared and safe/secure when unsure or confused.
Home is somewhere where you can trust people. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your family. It can be anyone. For example, it can be a friend you trust.
Home is a place where you can live freely and do whatever you want. Living freely is doing whatever you want in your home. Living with peace and living with your own rules. Nobody can tell you what to do
in your home. Nobody can judge you in your home, you can have fun laugh in your home, enjoy your interests
in your home and nobody would judge you.
Home also can be anything. It can be a mansion, it can be a small, tiny house. However, size doesn’t matter, it’s only if you live safe/secure, have somebody who cares about you and someone who you
can trust. Plus, you can live freely. That’s all that matters.
This is what I think what the meaning of home is.