Grade 5

British Columbia

The meaning of home

My home is much more than just a place to come back at the end of a long day. It is definitely more than that. It’s a place where I spend time with my family and make special memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. It is a place where I feel safe and know that nothing bad will happen to me as long as I am home. It’s a place where the outside world is shoutout. It always feels great when I get home. It’s a place where I can calm down and think about the day. It’s to play with my brother. It’s also a place to spend time with my family and friends. When I walk into my home I feel a warm brise wrap around and I know that I am at home. The mining of home is memories, family and friends. But it is also that I have a place to rest my head at the end of the day and just think of how lucky I am to be as fortunate as I am. And now that some people don’t have a place that they can call home. Being able to have a warm comfortable and cheerful home is one of the best things about a home for me . To go to sleep at night in my home. I know that there are many different ways that all sorts of people think of homes. But this is what my home means to me.