Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home…

I breathed my first breath,

Blinked my first blink and cried my first tear,

Where was I?… I thought for a while…

Definitely NOT home.

Thousands of tears did explode out of me.

Until…I made it…

Home…towards safety.

Many years have passed and time keeps travelling.

Every morning I wake up, when the sun is gazing at me

Not bothering to look down to the ground,

Why? You ask. Because I know I’m safe.

The ground is below me,

And the roof is above.

And every night…I cry to myself,

Wishing that others have this lovely abode

Making sure they aren’t out on streets

Nor roads…

Praying to God that no one, must be shivering in the cold

Or sweating beneath the hot plasmatic sun.

I look around seeing people in need.

I always think why people can’t just help one another.

Whenever I come home from school,

I saw my little sister, laughing with 3 of her teeth pointing out.

After all she is only 10 months old.

Along with that my mother played with her…I smiled

I went upstairs and see my brother clung onto his bed,

Gazing down at his monitor his eyes were glued

I dashed down into the basement.

I saw my father working with a smile.

I noticed how everyone in the family was joyfully smiling,

I realized that they were proud of having a shelter.

Big or small, 1 story or 2, They were proud.

I thought about making some sort of charity event,

For those who live outside in the mists.

Raising money will be a pleasure

We will need thousands and thousands of lists,

People will smile as if they were pleased with treasure.

I always wondered if I can do a little thing, to change…

The World’s Meaning

I smiled, while thinking…

Why not donate some money?

And that’s what I did.

I felt pride within me, and with that I thanked…

Habitat for Humanity!