Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

What is home to you? What is home to me? What is home to everybody? Hi my name is Hamza and i’m going to tell you what is the meaning of home.

For me my home looks crazy. It also it looks peaceful and quiet. For you it might look quiet or loud or crazy. It might look like anything. Also my home looks safe. Maybe your home looks like a jungle or anything. It might look safe like my house. Also my home sound like a library (ok well sometimes). Your house might look like a zoo or a library. It might be anything! In my home I have a brother, mom, dad and sister and me (I’m a boy). For you might have a grandma or grandpa or aunt/ uncle or a cousin.

In my home it feels safe. Your home might feel rumbly. It also it feel exciting. In your home it might be boring. Also in my home everyone feel loved. Also it is important to have a home because it you will be safe in it. That’s the reason for me.

Now you know how I feel about a home. I hope you feel this after you read this. A home is a very special place. Time to say bye!