Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

Home. We’ve all heard that word at least once in our lives. However, do we really know what it means? Almost everyone says that home is a synonym for house when it’s certainly not! In fact, they couldn’t be more antithetical. A house is a composition of four walls and a roof. A home is what happens inside of the house. There are several elements that make a home contrary from a house. For example, family.
Family is a vast part of a home. Although, it can’t just be any family. Your family must love and care for you. You must be able to trust your family. There’s got to be some memories too. If you don’t have any memories, then what’s the point of having a home? Lastly, you’ve got to have a hint of laziness in your family!
Another important segment of a home is safety. You must be comfortable with where you are. Otherwise, you’ll be too occupied being pessimistic about everything and won’t have enough time to enjoy yourself! Another portion of your safety is having exceptional health.
Your freedom is valued in a home. Everyone in it should accept who you are. You are free to show your religion and culture without being discriminated for it. Your curiosity is encouraged. There’s no limit to how many questions you ask.
There’re many other factors that make a home different from a house. Perhaps it’s your grandmother’s famous chocolate chip cookies. Maybe it’s the odour of the laundry detergent. The sound of sizzling meat might make you grin. Or those hoodies that are so gigantic that it’d be mortifying to be seen in them by anyone but yourself. Maybe it’s hearing your family’s cordial voices saying, “I love you” on repeat. Whatever makes your heart sing, that’s what home means to you.