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Nova Scotia

The meaning of home

A home is not a simple building. It’s a place we stay with the people we love. A place that we will remember in our heart forever. Whether you live with family or friends most of you have home. Because home is not a building it’s a place in our hearts. But hopefully if u dont have a place to stay this organization can help you find a place to call home.

I’m very thankful to have a place to call home. Thankful to have a place to stay.I live with my AMAZING family. My amazing dog. My fun older Sister. My awesome parents.

Every home has its own smell,looks. Every home is different in it’s unique ways. But home doesn’t just have unique thing. It also has a unique person or family that lives there.

Home is an amazing thing. They start families. They are raising kids. It’s raising amazing people.

Did you know that 1.6 billion people don’t have a place to stay. Hopefully we can make sure everyone has a place to stay and a home in their hearts and a home in real life.