Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

Home is a special place where I belong.
Home is a place to cherish all the memories.
Home is feeling welcomed by family and not feeling like a person that doesn’t belong.
Home is having fun with all my cousins and eating ice cream in the sun while having fun.
Home is telling jokes and laughing our heads off and goofing around.
Home is listening to music and playing games and running around.
Home is seeing all your friends and family. My family, is more fun than anything in the world except bubble wrap.
Home is smelling delicious food that my mom and my aunties and my grandma made and having a feast after.
If I didn’t have a home, I wouldn’t be typing this right now and it makes me sad to see other people that don’t have a home, but I truly wish they would be able to have a home or shelter one day.