Grade 5


The meaning of Home

When I think of home the first thing that comes to mind ( in my case ) is comfort. A home should make you feel comfortable with places to sit, sleep, read and eat. usually with beds, chairs, couches, stools and beanbags. Your home is a place for baths/showers, art and honestly whatever you want without getting strange glares from random people on the street.

Even if you live in a semi attached, bungalow, condo, cottage, townhouse or a suburban house. you can buy a house but you can’t buy a home. You have to fill it with memories, joy and love. It doesn’t matter WHAT you put in it, as long as it make you comforted, happy and warm.

Home is a shelter for you when there is a blizzard, thunder and lightning storm, or a heat wave, your home will be there to protect you.