Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

Home is somewhere where you can hide when the weather is treacherous outside.

Where new adventures begin and all your dreams and wishes come true.

All the memories you’ve lost are beginning to unfold.

Somewhere to gather all family and friends, and to open the doors to the rich and the poor.

All failures and mistakes become true successes.

Home is not just somewhere to sleep and eat, they provide shelter to you and to all your defeats.

Unleash all your greatest fears and welcome bravery and courage.

With home you will never have to feel like you are alone, just turn on your lights and answer the phone.
Talk to your family and friends welcome them into your home, look back into your past and then imagine your future.

Nothing will beat all the tremendous times you’ve had, save up all the rad ones and forget all the bad.
If you fall nothing is stopping you from picking yourself up where you ended.

Not everything is meant to be but this is what home means to me, and it’s mine to keep forever in my heart.