Grade 6

New Brunswick

The Meaning Of Home

Home is a place where I can feel comfortable. It’s where I can play card games, board games with my family. Where friendships ae made, and where friendships fade away.
A place with laughter and grief, where no one should ever feel alone, because someone is always there for me. Home is where I grew up, no matter which house I was in.
Home is a place where problems are made, and somehow, we would always fix them. A place where loved ones get sick and may never get better, but we are glad they are done their suffering. The people who I could count on when I was sad, was my family.
A home for me, is doing lots of chores, like picking up the rotting apples off the ground from the huge apple tree. Home is where we all help out so we can enjoy free time together.
Home is a perfect place, where friends and family would get together and tell each other old, crazy stories. Where we would sit around the table, say thanks, and eat a delicious meal.
Home is where memories are made, and where new ones are created. Home is a happy place, so no one should take their home for granted.
Many people can’t afford a home, or they don’t have one. That’s why Habitat For Humanity will build houses for the people who really need it, because we all make mistakes, but all of us deserve to live in comfort.