Grade 5


The Meaning Of Home

I am from a medium sized house with a pine tree growing in front of it.

I am very grateful for it. It’s where I feel safe and sound, warm and protected. It’s where I can be myself, always grow, and most importantly, be loved. I am always loved by my family, and I love them back. A family is always the most important part of a home. Followed by the safety, happiness, and freedom provided by your home.

I am from a family. A family that lives in this house. From brown eyes the colour of dark coffee and medium tone skin. I am from a family that is always very noisy, whether it’s a banging piano, some cooking, or just my irritating little brother screaming and shouting. I am from a family of eight generations of doctors, along with traditional Chinese medicine.

I am from a house. My house is part of my home. With the aroma of Chinese food, and sweet desserts. With lots of warmth and safety, and comfy beds and couches. Where I am typing this up right now. Every house is special. My house is very special to me.

But many don’t have it. Many families do not have a home. They cannot have warmth, safety or protection. They cannot have a happy place to be themselves or have fun. I feel very sorry for them. I think everyone should have warmth, safety, protection, and everything a home provides. A home is needed by every human, animal, or even a plant; so we can all be happy, have shelter, and be protected. Our homes are part of our life.

I am from a home with a family, warmth, and lots of love. I hope that everybody can have one too.