Grade 5


The Meaning Of Home

Home is where I’m safe when I feel not great

Home is where I play

And in my bed I lay

Home is where happiness belongs

Home is where I stay strong

Home means with my family

Home is where adventures long

Home is a place where I eat my meals

And where I do cart wheels

Home is where I get to be loud

And make people proud

Home is where I feel loved

Where no one is judged

Home is where my imagination lies

And where everyone belongs

Home is a place where memories stay

Home is Where I live

With my brothers today

Home is a place to encourage others

Home is where we share the air above our hair

Home is a place where were sometimes crazy and sometimes lazy

Home is where everyone gets to be themselves

I’m grateful because of home

Many people don’t have homes

That’s when I feel guilty

But my mom and dad are there to hug and kiss me

I’m glad to have a home!