Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

In my opinion us humans,don’t appreciate our home enough. I think we should at least take 5 minutes in our 24 hour day just to appreciate our home. Having a shelter to come home to every day,a place where memories are made, is more special then a 100$ a day. Just the thought of not having a home makes me sorrowful.

My home, like many others, welcomes me with comfort and support.After a hard day of school and a shivery walk from my bus stop my meaningful home has a a cup of hot chocolate waiting for me.It is a place where I make and achieve goals. For example my goal in fortnite was to get 10 eliminations in one game and I did it.It is the place where I have the most fun and it is probably the same for a lot of children.

The thing I like most about my home is that I can do whatever I want .Unlike in school at home I can go into the pantry and get whatever I want whenever I want. Also there is no judgement for the things that you do.People can share secrets,problems,emotions,thoughts,etc.It is a place where people can be cared for and loved.Also it is a place where families come together.Another thing is that it is a place where music fills the air and where speakers are right there.

I really hope that this letter will give a hard working family a home. A home is more important than just a shelter and I hope that a bunch of people understand that.”The future is belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious”,said John Sculley.