Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

I am very grateful to have a big warm safe home.

Home is a place where I cuddle near the steaming hot fire and tell stories to my family. Home is when I play tag with friends in my warm backyard with the hot sun shining on me.Home is when me and my family go for a long walk around the big park.

Here are more reasons why home means something to me. When I get up from bed I hear the sounds of my family buzzing around the giant home. It makes me feel Happy. When I play on my bright phone I am thankful to have it. When we eat a big yummy family dinner I feel joyful.

Home is Happiness when I jump in my big bed after a huge day.
Home is Happiness when I pet my little kitty on the fluffy neck. Home is Happiness when I pass the big round soccer ball with my siblings. I have so many things that make me happy, like playing board games with family and going to the Calgary Zoo, Calaway Park, The Science Centre and so much more.

Home is a safe place to let friends come over and play games. Home is a safe place to roam around my big giant HOME. Home is a Safe place to hug family members when they are sad. Home is safe to me. When there is a wild storm. Home is safe when I get a hug from my mom and dad.

A home means everything to me!