Grade 4


the meaning of home

The Meaning of Home.
By Liliya

To me home is a place where you should feel safe and loved. You also have memories in your home. When you don’t have a home, you don’t have good memories and that’s why we should have homes! Now you know that the homeless have less. We should all get together to help the homeless so they don’t have less.

When you see someone on the street that looks sad, I have two words, ”Help them.” You don’t have to but you should! They might seem old, ragged and maybe cross, but that means they need love, hopes and dreams. Most of all they need a home.

I think home is the best place on earth! In my opinion home makes me feel happy, loved and safe. I challenge you to say something nice to someone so they know you’re grateful. Imagine outside, no shelter, no food. I’m very glad I have a home!

When you get home today, I challenge you to go around your neighbourhood and look to see if anyone needs help. One more thing, ”Home is where the heart is.” Always be grateful for your home.