Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home

A home is a wonderful place. A home is somewhere you can always go after a long day of school or work or maybe just when you are sad because someone hurt your feelings. When you are at home you feel safe. You feel protected from the cold weather and strangers. You aren’t thinking about any problems or worries of the day. When I’m at home I feel joy when I’m baking those tasty cookies with Grandma, playing with my family our favourite board game, clue, when we are all talking or sharing funny stories or when we are all cuddling on the couch watching a great movie. A home is a place where you have fun and you are encouraged.

A home and a house are two very different things. A house is just a building, you don’t feel any emotion when you think of it and there are no memories. A home is a place when you think of it you feel all warm inside like hot chocolate and when you think of it you remember all those funny memories you’ve had there with your family.

A home is like a best friend. It’s always there if you need it. You can always go there if you’re happy or sad. A best friend would always comfort you if you are feeling blue. So would a home.

I hope you enjoyed these words on what a home really is. I hope it helps some people without the greatest thing on earth. A home.

By Kate Mahoney