Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

A house is built with walls and beams. A HOME is built with LOVE and dreams.
Most of my time I’m at home. Home is a place where we live with our family and where we feel safe.My home is the best place in the world.

A home is not a home without people who love you. Everybody should love their home and enjoy it. A home is for life and shelter. Love your home no matter how small or fancy. Home is not just a house, it is a place where dreams can come to life. In my home we have a large TV in our living room.When we turn off all the lights then it’s like a movie theater.We are ordering pizza to eat in front of the TV and we are having family night.

I can play video games on my IPad and PlayStation 4, or play music or play with toys. At home you can play with your toys or make some. When you are at home you can relax and sleep. I think everybody should have a home. My friends always feel welcome in my home.

No matter how big your house is if you’re surrounded with people you love, it is a home. A home is not a home without people who love you.