Grade 6

New Brunswick

The meaning of home…

The meaning of home…
I am from masks
I am from Lysol wipes and Armstrong laundry soap
I am from the living-room couch to the hockey pucks
I am from the food from my grandparents garden
I am from my grandparents and staying there till 11:00.
I am from Jeff and Erica
I am from the talks about our day and “Did you win”
I am from “Clean up your clothes”and “time for supper”
I am from the pizza to the mashed potatoes
I am from the baseball fields to the hockey rinks.
I am from my mom and dad telling me about there childhood
I am from my grandmas cooking
From the scar on my dads forehead to the arm that came off my great grandpa
Home is a place where family and friends can gather
I hope one day we can all have a home
So please submit your writing peace to habit for humanity.

Home is the comfiest place to be
Home is a warm and safe place to be