Grade 4

Victoria, bc
British Columbia

THe meaning of Home

My home is my favourite place.
I have two homes.
One of them is new.
It smells like it concrete,
and it is an apartment.
My home doesn’t have a garden,
but it is big and has a view of more houses.
It makes us happy my dad is there to play with me.
It keeps us safe,too.
This home in Korea is a place to relax.

My other home is in Canada.
It has a garden.
My garden makes me comfortable,
and is a beautiful place to relax in the summer.
One of the systems helps us to be rescued and stay safe.
When I get home on a cold day,
I feel warm, cozy, and comfortable.
Both of my homes are important to me.
One is in Korea and one is in Canada.
I am lucky to have two homes.
Everyone needs a home to be safe.