Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

Home is the world to me. I feel protected in my home.

Home is where I feel loved and appreciated. And then I see that my dog is wagging his tail for me. It makes me really happy and blessed. When I go home I feel loved. I see my brother and when I talk to him it makes me really happy.
My home is filled with many things. I am really glad because I have a bed a blanket and a pillow. And I have some video games am really grateful for them because I know how expensive they are. I also have some furniture.

I have a lot of people that I care about. Like my dog he is loving and kind and likes to cuddle he also likes to jump on people cause he gets excited sometimes. Also my mom is kind,loving and happy she likes to do makeup and hair. Now my brother he is really kind he likes to play with me a lot. He also gives me courage to do stuff that i don’t want to do but when i do it makes me feel so good that it feels like I can do anything.

And that is what home means to me!