Grade 4


The Meaning Of Home

The Meaning of Home
I have something for you to think about. What does home mean to you? Home means different things to different people. Let me tell you what home means for me! Home is being with my family. Home is spending time with each other. Home is a safe place for you and your family to be together. Home is filled with love and care. At home, sadness does not exist only family, friends and joy. You might think home isn’t safe for you, but you just don’t know it. It’s good to share a home! You can share a home with siblings and friends. When you do, you feel happy. I am happy to have a home with my Mom, Dad, Sister, and brother. I wonder what home was like long ago, for the people that resided on this Treaty 1 land? I love my house because it’s a place I can call HOME. Now that I’ve shared how I feel; what does your home mean to you?