Grade 4


The Meaning of home

Do you want to know what home means to me? I think you should because it is good to hear other people’s stories. So, I think I will get started now! Home means calm because it reminds me of a soft breeze. Relaxed- it almost reminds me of being at home right now because I know that I have a comfy chair, nice desk and a soft bean bag chair to sit in. Home also means that you don’t need to stay in one spot. It’s a place where you know you can do anything. It also means that you can spend time with your family and friends. I also know that everyone is a special person in their own way. Homeless people should deserve a home because without a home, they will not have clean water, no warm shelter and no clean food to eat. That is why I want homeless people to have a perfect home to live in and be free.