Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

What does my home mean to me is that it is comfortable,soft,and last but not least it as a roof that helps me and my family to help me and my family to stay dry from rain
What my home does for me is it keeps me safe from
Strangers. Also I am scared of the dark. So I can wave to my night light it turns on so I can go to sleep.
What I do in my home is I play with my twin brother and sister. Sometimes I play Roadblocks or Mindcraft with my brother in grade 1.
How my home protect me is by having a cold cellar. So
If a tornado comes, it will just take down the first floor and
second floor.
I love my home. It is so cool, fun and spacious. I really love riding my bike in the basement and jumping on the trampoline that is there too.