Grade 5


The Meaning of Home


I am very lucky to have a house where I feel safe. Have you ever thought about what the difference is between a house and a home? People usually refer to a house as a visual building, a home is a memorable place where you are loved.

Can you have many different homes? Yes, for example, I have a home with my direct family where I feel free to cheer for the opposing team. My second home is at my Baba and Gedo’s house. It’s not my house but it is my home.

Can people that don’t have houses have homes? Yes, even though they don’t have houses they can still feel loved and free. A home is like a healing station for bad days at school. Can a home look different? Yes, it could look like a side by side or a house or even an apartment, it does not matter what type of shelter you have, it matters what memories you have in that shelter.

My grandpa rides his bike across the country to raise money for habitat for humanity. The units they build are amazing they leave zero footprint on the Enviromint. Habitat lets families have a shelter. when you walk into your friend’s house you feel like a caged tiger, you only follow your friend, it’s like when you walk into your new house it does not feel like your house even thou it is your house, then after a few weeks you feel free and safe to walk around. To sum it up a home is built of hope and dreams and a house is built of wall and beams