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the Meaning of Home

“A good home must be made not bought.”
Have you heard this quote before? To me a house is a thing and a home is full of memories, love and family. The difference between a house and a home is massive. Its wood vs love, brick vs people. Its memories over location. A home to me is Noah Mady Evan, my Dad, and Mom. A home is family. A house has furniture walls beams pictures no memories.
I had three homes they all have very special memories of me and my brother, and my parents. My grandpa and my grandma always came over and see us all the time. One day my grandma wanted me to dance but I really didn’t want to so Noah came out of nowhere and started to dance. We always change houses but we always bring the memories with us to our new house and make it a home.
This year my dad is building a rink in our backyard last year he did too. It was so fun we stayed up to 10:00 o’clock just shooting pucks and practicing hockey that is good memories. That shows me I’m loved, safe and in a place where we all work together to support each other.
A good home must be made not bought that means to me a home must be made with love. My home is made with the love of Noah Madyson Evan and my Mom and Dad.