Grade 5

richmond hill

The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home
In this summary I will say what I think home is. I will be writing as a human as well as the animals in the wild in their habitat.

First off, a human perspective would have their type of ‘home’ in two different ways. Wealthy people and unhealthy people. A wealthy person would feel safe and protected in his home. He also would not be anxious because his house is protected from robbers so he will be able to sleep better and feel secured where he lived.

On the other hand, homeless people homes are on the streets or in shelters. This would would make them feel anxious, nervous and scared because they would fell unprotected. They would feel restless but also it would be noisy. If they lived on the streets in winter they could feel cold, or even die.

In an animal perspective, life would be harder as a prey. Animals like deer and caribou have to migrate homes because of predators attacking. They would always have to be on the lookout for predators. The animals would be in a group so watching out would be easier. If they didn’t move homes the predators would know where they resided and would ambush the animals to eat them.

Animals have homes called habitats. A spider’s home would be a spider web. A bear’s home would be a cave. A bears habitat might have a forest habitat. The bears would have an instinct to attack someone too close to their cub which is why they attack. A habitat is usually an animals home.

This is what I think a home would mean to me and how i see an animals home. You might have learned about animals homes or habitats. Maybe even a human’s home.