Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

“It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home” This quote is very special because a long time ago I used to live in a big apartment. Then my Babcias then my Amas. We built a house all together and some construction workers helped. Together we made a beautiful home and I still have lots of memory’s living with my grandma’s.
A house is a lot different than a home because you don’t feel like you’re not with your loved ones and most of the time they have some stuff you don’t even have. Maybe it would feel a little different. But, when I go home my Mom and Dad cook an amazing meal like nice warm rice with tender chicken. A long time ago when we were packing to move to my grandmas, I was at the very top step then pow! I fell to the very bottom luckily, I didn’t get injured.
Let’s go back to the house I live in now Every time I come from school, I play with my friends on my ps4 and play Fortnite. After it’s my brothers turn, he’s only 4 after it goes back to me. After a little bit we have supper. Every single time we have supper it feels like home and the other times I feel like home is when we all spend time together and even with my little brother and we watch a movie of any kind.
I believe that a house is built by hands but only hearts can build a home and even just one heart can build one home.