Grade 6

New Brunswick

The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home

Imagine yourself standing in a room, but not just any room, the biggest room you can imagine. And this room has televisions for walls and there’s money stuffed in your pockets. The televisions are all playing a football game. Your favourite team gets a touchdown and you yell “woo hoo!”. There’s an echo. You look around you. You begin to feel a surten feeling. It’s a feeling you get when your in a house. It’s called loneliness.

A home to me is special. It’s never perfect and you might not always like it, but it’s special. Because it’s yours. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get”. That’s a quote that describes life perfectly because there’s gonna be ups and downs in your life. But, when those downs come and you have a unique and loving family around you, it can turn it into an up. You need your safe home in the good times too.

Imagine yourself standing in a smaller room, with a not-so big t.v and no money stuffed in your pockets. But, when your favourite team scores a touchdown you are not the only one cheering. Your friends and family are cheering too. And even if your house isn’t that big or fancy if there are memories and family in it, then it’s a home.

If I didn’t have a home I wouldn’t have half the memories I have today. The good memories and the bad ones. I hope that this writing piece helps a child find a place to have memories, dreams, hope, good times and bad times, friendships, tears, laughter and most importantly a family gathered in one house. But, because of all those things that house will be a home.