Grade 6

Moncton New Brunswick
New Brunswick

The meaning of home

The meaning of home

Home to me is a place I have trust in. A place where I feel safe when I walk through the door. It’s a place l have millions of memories and counting.I feel free and I have to wait a while for my dad to be done cooking a delicious meal for everyone.When I am in the house I think about how lucky I am to have a home because some people who don’t have a house struggle everyday like not having food no heat or sometimes they are not healthy.

Home is a place that when I leave it was most of the time better then where we are’s a place that I can relax and not be worried.Also it is very possible to miss being home.At times I miss home even while at school.Everyone should have a place to call home and I think we can fix this by welcome people in to our lives and family.