Grade 6

New Brunswick

The meaning of home

The meaning of home

What is the meaning of home? Home is a place where people can live, love, laugh and bond. You should really cherish it, because some people do not have a home. A lot of people are in tough situations, such as not having enough money to raise a family, no home, no job,etc. They do not have a safe place to just relax and raise the children. Those people would love to have a home.

Home is a safe place where you can bond with your family and have holiday dinners. Home is a place can be yourself and no one will ever judge you. At home you can talk to yourself or talk to someone who is there. Home is a place where you can relax and live. Without a home, you would be really cold out on the streets. It would be in a really bad situation.

Home is really special to me because it keep me and my family safe. I always have a quiet place to do my homework or just relax. My home plays an important role in my life because it is where I live. I am really thankful for my home. I cherish it so much. I could never imagine my life without a home.