Grade 6

Moncton New Brunswick
New Brunswick

The meaning of home!


The sound of mother cooking supper.
The sound of my family jumping in the pool.
The crackling of the fire on a fresh summer night.
The sound of my dog barking when dad walks in the door.
The sound of joy and happiness as we drink our sparkling water.
To me, this is the meaning of home.

We’ve all the heard the expression “Home is where the heart is”. Well that’s because it’s true. A home is a place to share your hopes and dreams, your greatest fears and a place for your family to spend time with you. Everyone’s home is different, but every home has has this magic that brings us all together. No matter the weather it has warmth and this special way to make you feel secure. In the tragic times it brings comfort. A home can trigger frustration and anger, but in the end , that little magic gets bigger and stronger and it can never break. That little magic grows and creates a lifetime of memories for you and your family.

A home has its imperfections in every little way, but that’s what makes it so perfect.
Home is a place where at the end of the day when all you want to do is get your pjs on and binge watch you favourite show , you can.
All in all, home is the very best place to spend your time .
It’s so much better than spending your time at the mall.
At home, you make memories and have fun times.
As I said before “Home is where the heart is”!