Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

Home is where I feel loved. Where I can be myself. Where I’m free to run around. My home is where I smile. I smile when I see my dog woke up from her nap, She runs up to me hoping for a pet. I smile when my parents give me a warm welcome home. I feel cozy when I sit on my couch watching tv. I think of how some people do not get a cozy couch and a loud tv to come home to because they do not have a home. It melts my heart. I wonder what it is like but I do not want to be in that stage. And that is why I wrote this to help them have a nice warm, cozy home to have. Home is where I smell hot food getting cooked where I eat delicious food. Home is a place like nowhere else. When I walk in I feel special like I am where I am known for my smarts and jokes it is the luckiest place where you have a decorated backyard where you can chase your dog and kick soccer balls and pass the football to your dad and he throws it back but your dog catches it in his mouth and runs with it. Home is where you get tucked into a warm bed and turn off my lamp and fall asleep watching a show on Netflix. The next morning I wake up hungry ready to make some eggs on the stove and eat. And I’m ready to have another amazing day.