Grade 5

Richmond hill

The Meaning of Home

Do you know what it feels like to have a home. A home can be anything from a shack to a mansion as long as you think it is a home.
A proper home needs to feel safe and even though you might not think a home is safe, you need to be able to feel it’s safe so you have no anxiety. Most people think being protected from burglars and robbers is most important, and that’s true but being protected from elements like wind, rain, temperature and other natural forces is important. To feel safe is also meaning that the house is calm and not chaotic. If it was chaotic and there was screaming, shouting and use of unfriendly words you probably would feel unsafe.
The most crucial thing that makes a home a home is love and care. If you don’t care for your house it will be in bad condition and if you don’t love your house then you might not want to live there. If no one lives in a home, no one cares about it which causes it to lose its home status and it will become an abandoned home, not a home. Cleaning up your home is important not only because it’s cleaner but you are showing respect and care for your home.
This is what I think a home needs to be a home in today’s standards but a home would have been much more different a few centuries ago. A home needs to have safety, love, and care to be an actual home. But those are just my definitions of a home and your definition doesn’t need to be the same.