Grade 6


The Meaning Of Home

A home doesn’t need to be a building,
It just needs to be a place of comfort

Comfort can be a place, a feeling, or an activity.
It may be your family,
A family that doesn’t need to be by blood…

A home can be changed, but not broken.

When you are at home, you can do anything,
You can be you.

Your home cannot be taken away from you.
My father took our food and our belongings,
But no matter how barren our house was, our home was never broken.

My mom never gave up.
She put all of her time and effort into giving my brother and I a roof to live under.
Gave us so much care, and eventually built our home.

I’ve found a home for me is art.

It can be dancing,
Whether it’s the energetic clickity clack of my tap shoes,
The thoughtful movement of lyrical dancing,
It can be the energy in musical theatre.

In can be music,
Singing a song, or simply listening to one,
Playing my favourite song on ukulele,
The flute, the clarinet,
A catchy drum beat,
The movement and sound all around me.

It can be words,
The encouragement my friends give me,
The book that’s been read a billion times,
The simple “hello” or “thank you” that makes you feel better about yourself.
A poem just like this one…

A home will be with you as you grow up.
No definition of home is wrong.
It’s different for every person and has no limits.