Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning Of Home

The Meaning of Home
Home to me isn’t just wear I live. It’s wear I feel safe, wear I like to be. It’s where I’m comfortable and where I grow up. It’s where I am sometimes happy, and sometimes sad, but it’s where I LOVE to be.
Home can be anywhere for anyone. Some people consider their home a box on the side of the street, some may think of it as a huge mansion, but for me, the massive skyscrapers in Vancouver and constant rainfall in Victoria will always be home. My home is like a scrapbook full of memories, like the first time I rode a bike or played ball hockey on the street with my dad. My home is where I watch hockey and play play board games with my family.
Home doesn’t have to be a physical place or building, I think of it more of the feeling you get when you’re there. Like the feeling of relief when you walk through the door after a long day, or maybe being excited when it’s finally dinner.
The word home makes me think about hanging out my friends and constantly failing to land the same trick on my skateboard, or waking up at 5 am and barely getting out the door for hockey. It makes me think about the delicious food we eat every night and how good it smells. I think about going sledding in the winter and swimming in lakes in summer, or me and my friends riding our bikes down to the bike down to the bike park.
Home is all of these things to me – friends, adventures, playing in the neighborhood, practicing hockey and hanging out with my family. Home for me is not about the space but about the connection with you have with the people around you.