Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

What My Home Means to Me

By Avery Finlayson

My home is my safe place. It makes me feel comfortable and warm. No one will ever know how much my house means to me. Some people don’t have a house to call their own and that’s sad. We are all so lucky to have a house to call our own. My home makes me feel loved, safe, and lucky. I know that when me and my family are happy in our home nothing can go wrong. Home is where all my joy, happiness, laughter, and madness takes place. Home is where I can really express myself with all my thoughts and feelings. When I get home from wherever I am, a rush of excitement fills me up with happiness and other feelings. When I think about my home I think to myself, I’m really lucky to have a house of my own. Home is where I play with my brothers and friends outside in my big back yard. Home makes me happy, sad, and mad, but my parents picked just the right house for us. My home seems like nothing in the outside but when you walk into it is filled with joy, and happiness….my home is where I will stay forever(not really),