Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

Do you know the meaning of home?
Or do you wish to live alone?
When I am sad and feeling bad,
I think of my mom, my sister and my dad.

Some people don’t have a place to call home.
And instead choose to roam.
The journey home can be a bore,
But excitement appears when you open the door.

You could have two homes or one?
I know how it feels – it isn’t very fun.
Or you could move away saying goodbye,
And ending up in Paris, Italy, America, or Dubai.

If you do move just relax don’t be mad,
It isn’t that bad.
If we are all together the family is okay.
We are still happy every night, and every day.

No matter what – no matter when,
I think of my home I’m completely zen.
Even if our age is one, two, or three,
There’s love of home in you and me.

Sometimes I wonder if people are sad,
They have a home – why are they not glad?
Live a good life with love and peace,
Or do a mindful moment for you anger to decrease.

Home is care, love and beauty.
So don’t think of it as a duty.
Most of all it as a safe place to rest your head,
And recharge when its time for bed.