Grade 5


The meaning of Home

Home means many things to me. Home is a place where happiness and joy are kept. Home is a place where you can be yourself. Where people are there to help you when you are feeling sad, angry or afraid. The people around you know how you feel. They know because they’re your family which is another reason that makes home so great. Your family! Without my family I wouldn’t be here writing about home and loving home. Well now I think about it, without family, home wouldn’t be here. Family makes home! My dad left me so it’s my mom,sister, brother and me. My mom bought our house. I love my mom, so I love our house. Home is a place where you look outside and thank god for all you have and pray for the unfortunate that have to face the cold battles of winter and the deadly heat of summer. Also when I think of home, I think of earth. A bunch of people call earth home. If ever an astronaut finds another planet with life on it people will want to live there. I won’t because earth is my home. I love it. Which now makes me think, if you love your home, does it make it a loving home? I believe yes because I don’t care if the people in my house, on my street, in my city, in my country and in my world don’t love it. I do! They say a small thing can make a big change. I will start…Do you love the world? Do you think we have a loving world? Then do something.