Grade 5

Richmond Hill

The Meaning of Home

Hi! I’m Pandy, a giant panda. I love my home very much and I’m sure you feel the same way about your home. I live in China in a mountain range. Lately, some humans started clearing away all my bamboo!

Pretty much all I eat is bamboo so this is pretty bad. They were doing some kind of “developing”. The humans poured a grey, rocky thing called cement down like a path and let it dry. A bit later, a huge white car nearly hit me as I was crossing the path. I would have been run over if the human hadn’t stopped. I already have enough to deal with because of my natural predators.

Jackals and leopards like to eat pandas. Have you ever seen their scary teeth and sharp claws? Yellow-throated martens eat young panda cubs but I’m not little anymore so I’m safe from them. There aren’t many predators but there are other problems.

I don’t know what to eat! The little bamboo I have left is going to run out eventually and bamboo is my main food source. Water will be available at the river but the humans might dump stuff into the water and pollute it. However, you can help by raising awareness! Help save my home!