Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

My home is a place that’s filled with love,
There’s no other place that I can think of.
It’s also a place to relax with your family and friends,
In my home the fun never ends.

My favorite place in my home is my room,
Its where I can relax, chill and resume,
All the favorite things I like to do here,
especially watching Netflix, eating and sleeping to be clear.

Home isn’t just a building or structure,
It’s a place where I’m with my dad, mother and brother.
It’s where I have all my family dinners,
And hang all my lovely family pictures.

Home is where you can let your tears roll down your face,
And when you need it – have your own personal space.
It is a place when I’m feeling mad or sad,
I know I can find comfort with my mom or my dad.

Home is a place to have your friends over,
To play, hangout, watch movies and moreover –
To swim in my pool is our favorite thing to do,
The water is so refreshing, cool and sparkling blue.

This is what home means to me.
It is clear that I am fortunate, can’t you see?
My home is a place filled with lots of love.
There’s no other place that I can think of.