Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

To me home is a place to feel safe and secure.
It is a place to be with my parents and sister.
It is a place to see all my friends and family,
I love them all MASSIVELY.

My favourite place to be in my home is my room,
It is a place for me to relax, study and bloom.
It is also my place to sleep,
With my dog curled up beside me, soft as a sheep.

In my home there is always an amazing smell,
When you walk in the door you can really tell.
What reminds me of home is the food,
My dad’s homemade soup always puts me in a good mood.

In my home there is lots of laughter,
When it starts it can’t seem to stop shortly after.
Playing games with my sister always ends in a chase,
Laughter is my home’s base.

I want to be in my home everyday,
I don’t want it to ever go away.
Some people aren’t as fortunate as me,
That’s why I love and appreciate it, you see.