Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

My dad is cooking my favorite food.
He is cooking wings that are barbequed.
Me and my family are having some fun.
We are playing monopoly and I’m sad when its done.

I eat steak, bread and potatoes.
rice, wings and tomatoes.
A little bit of meat.
When I’m all done I eat a sweet treat.

When ever I enter my room.
I can only assume.
Where I feel amazing.
Me and my family are praising.

When in my room I go lay down.
I get to dream that I’m in a different town.
Where my blanket and my bed are warm.
And I can hear the thunder storm.

When I play with my soccer net.
I run around then I start to sweat.
I get mad when I lose a ball.
My mom calls me to go to the mall.

I hear the loud sound.
It is the alarm clock in the background.
Home is a place with lots of love.
Home is a place that I’m proud of.