Grade 6


The Meaning Of Home

The Meaning Of Home
To me home means that when I enter my home I know it’s a safe place and knowing there is my family and a roof to protect me. Smelling goodies when my Mom bakes. Hearing the sounds of my siblings fighting over who gets the T.V. Touching my pets that make me warm inside and touching the 6 years old walls of my house. Tasting cookies fresh out of the oven and warm or cold milk. Texting my family members far away from where I live. I wouldn’t trade my memories of my family and I for anything. When I’m sad I go ahead and play with my pets because they put everything into perspective. But there are bad things too like, getting in trouble or feeling guilty about things. I’m lucky to have food everyday on the table and have a family who cares for me. My favourite place to go on trips are the waterparks with my family because splashing in the water is awesome and going on road trips are the best even though I feel sick if I’m in the car way too long. Knowing that people don’t have homes makes me feel sad. If I could I would make homes for others. Home means to me that it’s a safe place to talk about anything with my family. That’s what home means