Grade 6

New Brunswick

The Meaning of Home

A home to me is somewhere to feel love,peace,safe,happiness,and comfort. A home is somewhere to cherish memories and make even more. Home is where you have pets, siblings,parents,fun,family meals,and holidays.Some peoples homes are in community and some are in a hometown. For me my home is in a hometown. My hometown is Moncton. I don’t live in some nice big home, I live in a trailer park.

A lot of people I know think trailer parks aren’t fun to live in. Well I’v lived in a trailer park all my life. Where I live there are not a lot of kids,but I have my mom and 2 sisters ther with me and that’s all that Matters to me. Also I have lots of fun , especially in the summer.

I love my home because I have my family and pets. In my home, I have my five pets. Around my home I have a bus stop. The trailer park I live in, it was a cow field so it’s on a hill. I can take my bike to the march by my home and bike to a park in the neighbourhood down the road. I also live by a church that I go to. Home is anywhere you have love, family and fun.