Grade 6

Bay Roberts
Newfoundland and Labrador

the meaning of home

Someone once asked me”What does home mean?”I couldn’t answer that question,but now i know that home means so much more than a house.So if you think a home is a house ,A house can cost thousands,sometimes millions,but a home is made when you first enter the earth.Imagine life without a house.No house doesn’t mean no home.Take a look around you.What do you see?How do you feel?I see classmates and teachers.I see family and friends.Materials make a house,but people you care about,and they care about you makes a home.Go outside and look at your neighborhood. Count the house’s you see.You know it’s a possibility that someone in one of those house’s can be alone right now.You may be thinking “He has no family.He has no home.”But without a doubt he has many friends.Not everyone has a house,but everyone has a home.

A home is a place to feel safe,happy,sad and every emotion there is.You have the right to feel any emotion at your home.Someone or something can make you happy,for example you may have a pet or favorite stuffed bear.I have both.When i walk into a house i just feel the same.When i walk into a home,I feel so much more than safe.I leave a house every day and come back,but i never leave my home.A home is like a heart.Take care of it.If you lose a piece, it can hurt you.One day you’ll leave this planet and rise to the sky.Leaving this planet doesn’t mean you leave your home.Home needs connection’s.How many people do you see that you don’t know?Here’s a challenge go and make friends with one of them.Make a friendly,happy connection.Expand your home.

“How do you lose a home?”you ask.Well a home isn’t something you would want to lose.I for one would never want to leave my home.Home’s are valuable things to cherish.”Your deeds are your monuments.”Bad actions that shows you don’t like your family can impact your relationship,therefore impact your home.Now then again why lose your home.It’s a silly mistake if you ask me.Think of your family for a bit.Now think about losing them.Now think about losing all your friends.You’re lonely.You have no one to lookout for,and no one to look out for you.Take care of your valued family and friends,for they are your home.

Home.Everyone has a different way of thinking about home.Some may think a house is a home.Some may even say that they don’t have a home.But then they see their family and best friends.That is your home.Home’s are worth everything.Don’t lose your home.Treasure it the same way you treasure your family because it is your family.Remember this is my way of seeing home’s.You don’t have to follow this if you don’t want to.Home is awesome.Live your life surrounded by your home.Look back.Call one of your old friend.Bring back your old you.Bring back your past,and strengthen your home.