Grade 5

Nova Scotia

The Meaning Of A Place That Is Never Forgotten

Does your home make you feel happy when you go inside because it should. Home doesn’t have to be just a building, it can be a place where you express your feelings it can be happy or sad, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re at home. You can make any place your home as long as you feel safe. Home is a place where you can laugh, cry, be yourself, and have fun.

Here are some of the reasons why I love being home. I have a pet named Posy, She is one of the reasons I love being home. She is 5 years old and a tabby cat she likes just about everyone except other cats.

And for some reason it is very fun and exciting to watch basketball games with my family, Their favorite team is the Toronto Raptors and so is mine. At the start of the season they were not doing good but now they are.

Also the best reason why I love to be home, family is the best thing on earth in my opinion. They can always make you laugh if you’re sad, crying. Even in a good mood and already laughing your head off.

When I’m home I feel a lot of coziness and love. That’s the main idea of my home personally. I also really like having family dinner because people make me laugh and I get to see all of my family members which is really fun.

A home could be your house, another person’s house, it could be anywhere you want it to be because it’s home. Wherever you feel safe at could be a home if you want it to be, You just have to find somewhere that you feel safe and so do the people around you.

Just always remember that you can always feel safe in your home. You just have to make something your home, It can be anything. I also hope that other people feel safe inside of their own home. You can do pretty much anything inside your home.