Grade 6


The Meaning Of a Home

Home is a place where we make mistakes, try our best, keep our promises, and support each other.

Home can mean different things like memorie holder, a safe place, and where I belong.

My home makes me safe when I need it the most. The people I love, and care about me are the ones that make my home special and worth living in.

A home is what you need. For all those who see straight past the walls where I will be.

The ones that see past the walls are the ones who can be beside me when I need it the most. A house is what I need, for us to stay strong in the times that mean the most.

Homes don’t have to be big, homes don’t have to be fancy, all that matters is the person staring right back at me.

Your home has never fallen short. You have been my only support. All that I ever am and hope to be, I owe this to my angel mother and the house that stands before me.