Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

The Meaning of a Home

The meaning of a home is Making Memories, where it’s not about what’s on the outside it’s about the inside that counts. All the Memories you make in that one Home.

A Home is where you can feel safe and comforted not feeling unsafe and uncomfortable. You should feel loved and happy.

It should be a place where you are able to laugh and run around. You should feel that it’s a place where you can be free, be yourself, and not be felt that you are going to be judged.

A Home is made of love, happiness, and joy. That’s what home actually is made of, not wood and shingles.You should feel cared for and feel that you are going to be cared for in a safe happy environment.

Life may seem hard when you really need help but there is always going to be people out there willing to help you. Just hang in there because who knows what your future will bring there could be so many surprises that you don’t know about.