Grade 5


The meaning of a home

The meaning of a home
When you’re talking to friends about how big and amazing your house is and how you just can’t wait to show them, you usually miss the most important thing. First you should think: Is my house comforting and welcoming? Do I feel safe in it? Has it got things and people that I love? If the answer is yes to all of these questions, there is no need to stop, but if there is a no, ask yourself: “Do I have a home? When you really think about it, do you want to make your home a place that makes you happier? If you don’t know how, the basics are below. There are three main things that you need: comfort and safety, people, and things.
When I have a bad day, I just want to go home and lie down with a couple toys. The first thing that makes a house a home is the things in it. What if you went home to play with one specific toy, but, it wasn’t there. You thought your parents had just cleaned up. Then you went to look for something else to do, but after a while, you realize there was pretty much nothing in your house.
More importantly, you need people. Imagine you came home from school and nobody was home. You waited a while but still nobody came back. You looked to see if someone left a note, but they hadn’t. You wouldn’t be happy without other people.
But, even with people and things, you wouldn’t be very happy if there was no place to sit down on or hazards almost everywhere. No house is complete without comfort or safety.
Now you can always talk to your friends about how great your home is.