Grade 6

Hunter River
Prince Edward Island

The Meaning of a Home

The Meaning of a Home
By: Payton Perry
The meaning of a home is a roof over your head, the warmness you feel when you’re lying in your bed, the sensation you have when you know you’re safe for real. It’s food on your table ,the feeling you have when you can eat when you want ,not when you’re able. It’s the place where you feel happy and sad, where you can cry and laugh and let all of your emotions out because when you’re at home you have the freedom to shout. That is a place you will never really be alone. You can pile anything you want because it’s your home. It is not fair that some people have no home and they have to be alone. But it’s the best feeling when you build it right from stone. And when you move in then is when you’ll know you feel happy and you’ll know it’s your very own home where you can freely roam.
Because in the end that is the true meaning of a home!