Grade 5


The Meaning is Different to Everyone

So, I was asked what I think the definition of home is. The dictionary may say a home is a place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household, but that is not what I would say. Home means different things to everyone because everybody has a different home. You might say that if you are homeless then you have no home. This is kinda true but if they always stay on a bench then they could call it home.

So what would I define Home as? I would say that home is wherever you stay that makes you feel a special feeling, a feeling that you do not feel anywhere else. Home is the most important place to you and is where you have made memories. Your home comforts you after a long day it makes you feel warm like you never want to leave.
A home is not just a couple of walls and a roof over your head. It is your home and is the place you made mistakes, tried again, and had success. If you walked into a friends house you would not feel that special click. It might have everything your home has and more but it is missing something, your memories. Lots of people talk about how wherever your family is is where your home is but what if you are at Disney Land is that your home?
So imagine Your favourite place to hang out and your house are being torn down, but you can save one which would you choose? You might say my hang area because other people go there, but then the place you lived the place that you cherished would be crushed and nowhere can replace that. You could say that a new house would replace your old one but that is not true. All of your memories were at your old house and you would need to start all over again. So choose wisely.
So, Basically, the word home has no true definition it only matters what you think the definition should be. Your home is where you create memories and where you had lots of laughs. as said, “it is not how pretty the house is it is how happy the home is”.